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Sword practice spots 

Teacher and Judge Recommended 

$25 / set includes 20 stickers for each location of the sword the dancer lands

Add to your sword order to make the perfect sword practice for your dancer!

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Please note that this is a new product so more pictures of the physical product will be updated here shortly

  • Full colour Vinyl stickers for the floor

  • Suitable for practice Primary to Premier

  • Increases new dancers ability to pick up the Sword dance

  • Increases the dancers ability to properly execute steps in the correct spots 

  • Decreases chances of hitting the sword by using correct spacing and visualization

  • Directional arrows to show turns and which way the body faces

  • Comes with directions of how to place on the floor and a video of how to use

  • Great for theory knowledge of learning the spots names

  • Helpful for zoom/online learners to identify squares 

  • Please contact me directly for studio orders over 5 

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Order Sword spots! 

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